Monday, March 19, 2012


1. Hi, my name is Steven, I live in a small town called Neipu in Pingdong County. Pingdong County is known as a sunny state in Taiwan, and is famous for its agriculture products. My neighborhood is lovely and friendly and is surrounded by farmland, and so the scenery is amazing. And unlike other places in Taiwan, there not much no pollution here. The air is clean, and you can see trees everywhere.
Even though the school work is heavy, I normally play different kinds of sport with my neighborhood kids. And it is a lot of fun playing together. I also enjoy using computer to social network with others, because nowadays it is a good way to communicate with others.

2. I am surprised to know that Canada is rich in natural resources but I hope people do not waste these resources but make good use of it.
I heard there’s Polo bears in Canada, I know they’re in trouble as the ice melts down in Arctic, but I do want to see them.

Do you support Canada’s immigration policy? Why

Have you traveled to the U.S before? If you do, what do you think is the difference between Canada and the U.S?

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