Monday, February 27, 2012

Assignment 2# Max Pan

1. Yes. I agree with that students should learn other religions or take ethics at school because we can learn what the different are between religions. The results will bring me some ideas to understand the beliefs in the different people. We have learnt the religions at school, but we don’t have the specific courses to learn them. I am happy to follow what I got in learning.

2. Yes. Knowing different cultures which are from other religions helps us respect others. By way of understanding and learning, we will know the people around the world and it helps me know more knowledge and beliefs.
I have some friends who are Christians. Before eating their food, they have to pary to God. I feel very interesting.
3. If we get more chances to contact religious pluralisms, we will have lots of visions to understand the world. Why people will have conflict with others because of cultures or religions. Then I can learn how to respect others.
There are some activities for celebraing Xmas, like sing songs and a show. We all enjoy the wonderful time.

4. There are some advantages. For example, we will know religious cultures to enrich my knowledge. I can respect other cultures even if this people has different believes.
Shortcoming: If the courses are religions, someone will feel bored. They will feel sleepy are in class. Sometimes, if my classmates have some different ideas, they will have some strong argues in class. I also feel interested in it.