Monday, March 19, 2012


1. Hi, my name is Gina, I lives in Chao Jou, a small town located in southern Taiwan, in Pingdong County. What do I do after school? Well, I normally play computer after school, it’s my way to relax myself from school work and to have some social network with others. Pingdong County is the most well-known tourist attraction in Taiwan. It is because the weather here is always warm, and it’s very close to the beach, that within one and half an hour drive, people can reach the most beautiful sand beach in Taiwan – Kenting.

2. I am surprised how big Canada is. I mean when compare to Taiwan, Canada is about nine hundred times bigger. Wow!
I wish I can visit Canada sometime so I can see snow. Cause people can’t see snow in Taiwan, unless you go to the mountain peak in winter.

Do you miss Korea? If you could choose, where do you want to live in? Korea or Canada?
Do you support Prime Minister Harpers’ budget plans? Why and why not

Well yes someplace is well preserved, but there’s also places that’s not preserved. And yes, we have our own traditions in Taiwan, like to celebrate for mid-autumn festival and Chinese New Year.


1. Hello,I am Bolt. I live in Pingtung, Taiwan. My neighborhood is very friendly, for example, one of my neighbor is a seventy-two years old lady, and she is very kind to everyone. Although she is old, she's still healthy. And she always gets up early and cleans the community, and so everyone loves her. My favorite subject is English and math, and so I spend a lot of time studying every day after school. I also enjoy swimming after school, because swimming is fun and is also good for health, that we can keep our body healthy by swimming, which is great.

2. I was amazed that Canada has two official languages, English and French.
I was also amazed by the history of Quebec.

Have you ever been to Quebec? Or the U.S?
Do you speak French?


1.Hi my name is Bright. I live in a very peaceful neighborhood, and is surrounded by farmland. In my neighborhood, sometimes you can see people smoking in front of their home, and they always sing songs loudly at night, and so I don’t like them very much. There are a lot of things I like to do after school. Such as Reading novels, biking, and or shopping. However, among all these activities, playing computer is probably my favorite.

2. Wow Canada is so big, where in Canada do you live?
It is interesting that it snows a lot in Canada, cause normally you can’t see snow in Taiwan.

Have you ever been to the U.S? Cause Canada is very close to the U.S.
Have you ever seen any wild deer or bears? Cause I have heard that the wildlife in Canada is rich.


My name is Derek. I live in Fangliao Township, Pingtung country. There are six people in my family. They're my father, mother, sister, brother, grandma, and I.

My father is a police officer. My mother works in a bank and my grandma is a housewife. My sister and brother are students.
My neighbors are very good, so I like to play with them. I like them very much.
I like to ride a bike because I can do some exercise, and it`s fun. I often ride my bike to the park and also play with my classmates. I like to play computer games, too. When I finish my homework, I will play the computer games with my brother, sister, and my classmates.
If I live in Canada in the future, I think I will like to watch the maple tress. I like to explore the colors of the leaves and taste the Maple honey. I like to eat some sweet. Ha...
I think the living quality in Canada is high because you can make some money (better than Taiwan). And there are a lot of lands which have a plenty of wild animals. Moreover, the scenery is also very beautiful. The snow will cover the land in the winter. I like it, but I am afraid of the cold weather. Anyway, I like to be your friend. Do you? Hope to share some secrets with you here. See you next time.


1. Hi, my name is Steven, I live in a small town called Neipu in Pingdong County. Pingdong County is known as a sunny state in Taiwan, and is famous for its agriculture products. My neighborhood is lovely and friendly and is surrounded by farmland, and so the scenery is amazing. And unlike other places in Taiwan, there not much no pollution here. The air is clean, and you can see trees everywhere.
Even though the school work is heavy, I normally play different kinds of sport with my neighborhood kids. And it is a lot of fun playing together. I also enjoy using computer to social network with others, because nowadays it is a good way to communicate with others.

2. I am surprised to know that Canada is rich in natural resources but I hope people do not waste these resources but make good use of it.
I heard there’s Polo bears in Canada, I know they’re in trouble as the ice melts down in Arctic, but I do want to see them.

Do you support Canada’s immigration policy? Why

Have you traveled to the U.S before? If you do, what do you think is the difference between Canada and the U.S?


Hi, my name is Max.I live in the south of Taiwan, Pingtung. There are four people in my family.I'm twelve years old. I'm a Nan Jung Junior High School student.
My father is a worker, and my mother is a housewife. My sister is an elementary student.
We live in Sinpi. I like to play computer games, but don't like to study. My father likes sports very much. He can play tennis, basketball, badminton with me on weekends.
My sister studies hard. She likes to read and studies very much. I hope she will be my model in the near future. She doesn't like to play computer games, but I hope I can share my experiences with her. Then she can play them well.
My mother is very busy, because she cleans the house and teaches our homework. My sister helps my mom when she is free. I have a blessed family, so I love it.

Actually, Taiwan is different from China even though we share the same language, Chinese. I would like to say Taiwan is Taiwan, not part of China. We have our special culture, habits and accustoms. China is tyrant, and they don't have much freedom. We can talk and share our opinions as our wishes, but they cannot. Maybe they said some wrong words, then they will be in prison. Ha...joking.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you because I think Canadian are all rich. Your government can sell wood and oil, then you can get a lot of money. In addition, I know the weather there is very cold, so there are lots of snow.I will want to go to Canada for skiing,and there are many ski locations there. the views in Canada are so beautiful.

I think I don't have too much money to immigrate Canada. But I really hope I can travel there to see the beautiful snow, maple trees and you. Are you expect to see me?

Assignment 1

Welcome to PenPal News, a place on the web where you will read, share and discuss news with a penpal. Your classes in Vancouver and Taiwan have been matched, and you have been assigned one or two penpals. Over the next six weeks, you will be writing to each other, learning about news events occurring in your penpals’ location.

Here’s your first assignment:

1. Introduce yourself to your penpal. Write about the neighborhood where you live and things you like to do after school. (Please write at least a paragraph.) If there’s one thing your penpal should know about where you live, what is it?


STUDENTS from Taiwan:
- Read this article about Vancouver.
- Tell your penpal about two things you found interesting or were surprised to learn about where they live.
- Write two questions you have about the place where your penpal lives.

STUDENTS from Vancouver:
- Read this article about Taiwan.
- Tell your penpal about two things you found interesting or were surprised to learn about where they live.
- Write two questions you have about the place where your penpal lives.