Monday, March 19, 2012


1. Hello,I am Bolt. I live in Pingtung, Taiwan. My neighborhood is very friendly, for example, one of my neighbor is a seventy-two years old lady, and she is very kind to everyone. Although she is old, she's still healthy. And she always gets up early and cleans the community, and so everyone loves her. My favorite subject is English and math, and so I spend a lot of time studying every day after school. I also enjoy swimming after school, because swimming is fun and is also good for health, that we can keep our body healthy by swimming, which is great.

2. I was amazed that Canada has two official languages, English and French.
I was also amazed by the history of Quebec.

Have you ever been to Quebec? Or the U.S?
Do you speak French?


  1. 1. Hi, I'm Anne. I live in North Vancouver, Canada. I am a Korean student living in Canada. I love Canada so much and now I will share my neighborhood with you. My neighborhood which is Vancouver is really technically developed and environmentally clean. I am surrounded by big seas and many forests so I always see animals such as deer, coyotes, bears, skunks and even some sea whales. I was scared at the first time but now I am feeling okay with them, they look cute except bears and coyotes... I also like math and English. They are both so interesting and I especially love solving math problems. I like all sports. I like soccer, badminton, skiing, skating, baseball, swimming and so on.
    And you were asking me if I have been to Quebec or the United States. I have never been to Quebec and I don't really know much about them because they are so far away from where I live. However, I've been to the States many times because it is even much more closer than Quebec. I don't speak French but I speak Korean because I am born there.

    2. I am interested that Taiwan has so many newspapers and radio stations. There's more than hundred! Also, it is interesting that your country has three official languages which is more than what we have.

    3. What are you proud about your country?
    What is your future dream?

    Anne Lee

  2. Hey Bolt! This is teacher Kyle. Great job on your assignment. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello! My name is Bolt and I live in Pingtung, Taiwan. My neighborhood is very friendly. For example: One of my neighbors, a seventy-two year old woman, is extremely kind to everyone. Although she is very old, she is very healthy. She always gets up early to help clean around the neighborhood. Everyone loves her.

    My favorite subjects are math and English. I like to spend lots of time everyday studying. I also enjoy swimming, because it is fun and it is also good for your body. I think it is great that you can keep healthy by swimming.

    2. I was amazed to discover that English and French are the two official languages spoken in Canada. I loved learning about the history of Quebec. It was very fascinating.

    3. Have you ever been to Quebec, or to the U.S.A. before? Do you know how to speak French?