Monday, March 19, 2012


My name is Derek. I live in Fangliao Township, Pingtung country. There are six people in my family. They're my father, mother, sister, brother, grandma, and I.

My father is a police officer. My mother works in a bank and my grandma is a housewife. My sister and brother are students.
My neighbors are very good, so I like to play with them. I like them very much.
I like to ride a bike because I can do some exercise, and it`s fun. I often ride my bike to the park and also play with my classmates. I like to play computer games, too. When I finish my homework, I will play the computer games with my brother, sister, and my classmates.
If I live in Canada in the future, I think I will like to watch the maple tress. I like to explore the colors of the leaves and taste the Maple honey. I like to eat some sweet. Ha...
I think the living quality in Canada is high because you can make some money (better than Taiwan). And there are a lot of lands which have a plenty of wild animals. Moreover, the scenery is also very beautiful. The snow will cover the land in the winter. I like it, but I am afraid of the cold weather. Anyway, I like to be your friend. Do you? Hope to share some secrets with you here. See you next time.

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  1. Dear Derek,

    Hi, I'm Jay. I am glad to introduce myself. I'm a little bit late because I went skiing two days in a row. Sorry about that. I am fourteen years old which means I'm born at 1997. I'm from Korea. I came Canada to improve my English skills.

    I like to hear that you want to visit(or live in) Canada. If you're scared of the cold weather in Canada, come to Vancouver. It's really warm in Vancouver because it's on the ocean.Find Vancouver in the Map. It will help you to understand. In Vancouver, it rains so much. The nickname of Vancouver is 'Raincouver'. In Winter, Vancouver's average temperature is 5 (Celsius). In Summer, Vancouver's average temperature is 20. On the other hand, other parts of Canada are really really cold it can go down to below -50. I'm curious about your country, Taiwan.
    I have four members in my family, my dad, mom, brother, and I. I am living alone in Canada. My family members are living in Korea. Don't confused. I'm living in South Korea. My mom and dad are doctors. They have their own hospital.

    I am happy to be friend with you. See ya.


    Jay Moon