Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi, my name is Max.I live in the south of Taiwan, Pingtung. There are four people in my family.I'm twelve years old. I'm a Nan Jung Junior High School student.
My father is a worker, and my mother is a housewife. My sister is an elementary student.
We live in Sinpi. I like to play computer games, but don't like to study. My father likes sports very much. He can play tennis, basketball, badminton with me on weekends.
My sister studies hard. She likes to read and studies very much. I hope she will be my model in the near future. She doesn't like to play computer games, but I hope I can share my experiences with her. Then she can play them well.
My mother is very busy, because she cleans the house and teaches our homework. My sister helps my mom when she is free. I have a blessed family, so I love it.

Actually, Taiwan is different from China even though we share the same language, Chinese. I would like to say Taiwan is Taiwan, not part of China. We have our special culture, habits and accustoms. China is tyrant, and they don't have much freedom. We can talk and share our opinions as our wishes, but they cannot. Maybe they said some wrong words, then they will be in prison. Ha...joking.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you because I think Canadian are all rich. Your government can sell wood and oil, then you can get a lot of money. In addition, I know the weather there is very cold, so there are lots of snow.I will want to go to Canada for skiing,and there are many ski locations there. the views in Canada are so beautiful.

I think I don't have too much money to immigrate Canada. But I really hope I can travel there to see the beautiful snow, maple trees and you. Are you expect to see me?


  1. Hey Max, to answer your questions, it's that not all Canadians are rich. There are illegal drug dealers, there are beggars, and there are a lot of criminals. It actually is true that our economy is going on well, and the weather is cold, but not always. In the summer time, it is warm and sometimes it's burning. More than snow, there are more rain, especially in Vancouver, which is where I am, but in some places, such as Alberta, it snows a lot and the temperature dropped until 20 degrees below zero this year. There are a lot of ski resorts, not to mention ice rinks, and the view is very beautiful because Canada cares a lot about its nature.

    Next, to answer Steven's questions, sadly, some citizens in Canada wastes the resources that maybe be used again. Therefore, students are learned about the triple R's; Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce. It actually is Polar Bears, haha. Global warming is causing them troubles such as having smaller places to walk around for them. Do I support Canada's immigration policy... how? Do you mean if I am becoming a Canadian? I want you to make it clearer. Anyway, I have travelled to U.S. To be honest, I lived there for 5 years in Chicago. The noticeable difference between Canada and U.S. is that there are more obese people in the states; I'm joking haha. Actually, it is, if I had to be real honest. The other difference is that the states has a president but Canada has a prime minister.

    I think that's the best answer I can give you guys. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask me the questions you have in mind. I'll try my best.

    Christopher Kwon

  2. Hi I am Max,
    Thanks for telling me some questions. If that, I hope you can come to Taiwan. The weather is very nice here (always hot). We have some snow in the high mountains, we never see the snow here. I think you will like here. Can you play the ski? Can you teach me if possible?

  3. Yes, I know how to ride on a ski and I can teach you if I can. Haha

    Christopher Kwon